Rethinking Painting

by Nancy Princenthal, et al.

Matvey Levenstein

by Christian Kleinbub

La Nouva Unione: Matvey Levenstein's Recent Work

by Jason Rosenfeld

Matvey Levenstein and Jarrett Earnest in Conversation

(Nothing but) Flowers

by Hilton Als, et al.

The Beauty of Friends Being Together: A Brief Meditation on the Paintings of John Currin, Matvey Levenstein, Jesse Murry, and Lisa Yuskavage

by Phong Bui

Matvey Levenstein

by Peter Schjeldahl

Levenstein's Long Exposures

by Robert Becker

Art Seen

by Jason Rosenfeld

Landscape Painting Now: From Pop Abstraction to New Romanticism

by Barry Schwabsky

Matvey Levenstein Eterno Ritorno alla Pittura

by Arianna Di Cori

Matvey Levenstein with Phong Bui

by Phong Bui Jarrett Earnest Lucas Zwirner

Intimacy in Discourse

Matvey Levenstein: Church; Temple; Cathedral

by Thyrza Nicols Goodeve

Matvey Levenstein la lentezza della pittura

by Linda De Sanctis

Between Picture and Viewer: The Image in Contemporary Art

by Tom Huhn and Isabel L. Taube

Matvey Levenstein with Phong Bui

by Phong Bui

Matvey Levenstein

The 'Naiveté of Morandi

by Matvey Levenstein

Levenstein, Fiori, Paesaggi e Nostalgie Romane

by Pier Paolo Pancotto

Not-So-Still Lifes

by Rachel Somerstein

Slides and Prejudice

by Linda Yablonsky

Matvey Levenstein at Larissa Goldston Gallery

by Bridget L. Goodbody

Matvey Levenstein

by Susanna Moore

Galleria Alberto Peola

by Sabatina Cersosimo

Torino: Sette in Uno

by Luigi Fassi

National News: Kudos

Matvey Levenstein at Jack Tilton Gallery

by Donald Kuspit

Thirty-Third Annual Exhibition of Art on Paper

by Amy Cappellazzo

"Art on Paper" Exhibition Has Lost Its Focus

by Jacqueline Humphrey

"Color Detour" Apex Gallery

by Ingrid Schaffner

The Miami Herald

by Elisa Turner

El Nuevo Herald

by Ormando Alvarez Bravo

Painting Into Photography Photography Into Painting

by Bonnie Clearwater

Matvey Levenstein at Jack Tilton Gallery

by Faye Hirsch

Levenstein’s Family Album of Beautiful and Dangerous Jews

by Robin Cembalest

Voice Choices

by Kim Levin

New York in Review

by Gretchen Faust

Lancaster Eagle Gazette

by Elita Suratman


by Sybil Cantor

"Art Today”

Star Ledger

by Eileen Watkins

New York Times

by Vivian Raynor